Beginner Cajun & Creole 

Fiddle Breakdown Series

Build your confidence as a new fiddler with more common tunes
broken down 
note-by-note for easy learning.

Tunes include: 99 Year Waltz • Acadian Two-Step • Allons à Tasso • Austin Pitre's Contradance • Bayou Pon Pon • Bonsoir, Moreau • Bosco Blues • Cankton Two-Step • Canray's Reel • Chère Bassette • Coulée Rodaire • Cowboy Waltz • Devil on the Bayou • Eunice Waltz • Evangeline Waltz • Fi Fi Poncho • Fontenot's Jig • Galop • Grosse Maman • Grosse Mama • Hack a Moreau • Hackberry Hop • Happy One-Step • J'ai passé devant ta porte • Je m'endors • Jump Jim Crow • L'anse aux Paille • La pistache à Tante Nana • La Porte en Arrière • La Valse Criminelle • La Valse de Grand Bois/Jongle à Mo • La Valse du Meche • Lacassine Special • Lake Charles Waltz • La Bataille • Le Rêve du Soûlard • Les Barres de la Prison • Les Poule Pond Pas • Les veuve de la coulée • Madame Bozo • Mamou Two-Step • Mon cable et mes éperons • New Iberia Polka • Old Carpenter's Waltz • One-Step de McGee • Opelousas Waltz • Ossun Two-Step • Reel à Nonc Will • Reel de Berzas • Reel de Marcante • Scott Playboy Special • Shelby Vidrine's Hornpipe • The Blackberry Bush • The Lemonade Song • Tit Galop pour Mamou • Tits Yeux Noir • Tous les Soirs • Wayne Perry's Reel • Wayne Perry's Waltz • You Keep a Knockin' But You Can't Come In • Your Momma and Daddy Don't Want Me Around

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Though Cajuns and Creoles are rich in culture, they are historically marginalized and impoverished communities.
Since 2008, Mitch Reed Fiddle Lessons has offered scholarships to students in need, and with the help of patrons from all over the world, has been able to offer free instruction to students who otherwise would not be able to afford lessons or instruments.
If Cajun or Creole music has been like a gift to you, consider paying it forward and helping to keep a culture alive and thriving.

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