Fiddle from Scratch

Cajun & Creole Breakdown Series 

This is my students' favorite course, and it’s no wonder.

You'll start with the basics to help you build a solid foundation and find your style. Then you will learn 5 simple tunes, with note-for-note breakdowns. PLUS you'll develop the most crucial skill for players interested in mastering that authentic Louisiana feel.

If you’re new to this scene, or wondering how to get yourself started as a Cajun and Creole fiddler, this series is it!

• Lesson 1: Holding the fiddle and bow, rhythmic bowing, and shuffling • Lesson 2: Mon Vieux Wagon • Lesson 3: Madame Sosthene
• Lesson 4: Johnny Peut Pas Danser • Lesson 5: Colinda • Lesson 6: Bee de la Manche

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NOTE: Mon Vieux Wagon is broken-down in standard tuning, and the other breakdowns in the series are tuned Cajun. See the BONUS video "Talk About Cajun Tuning" for details. 

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Though Cajuns and Creoles are rich in culture, they are historically marginalized and impoverished communities.
Since 2008, Mitch Reed Fiddle Lessons has offered scholarships to students in need, and with the help of patrons from all over the world, has been able to offer free instruction to students who otherwise would not be able to afford lessons or instruments.
If Cajun or Creole music has been like a gift to you, consider paying it forward and helping to keep a culture alive and thriving.

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