Multi Media Starter Bundle

As soon as you place your order, we pack up and ship off your Multi Media Starter Bundle. You'll receive a CD for the car, and a set of 2 DVDs so you can binge-watch Cajun & Creole fiddle breakdowns without the need to stream or download. Plus you'll get instant access to The Community and bonus online materials including finger, string, and chord charts. 

Multi Media Starter Bundle

$97 USD


You will have:
  • Fast & Slow: Cajun & Creole Fiddle Breakdowns - This CD’s title is practically the description! Each tune is played by yours truly, once through at normal tempo and once more slowed way down. Tunes include Allons à Lafayette, Bayou Pon Pon, La Valse de Bayou Teche, Chère Bébé Créole, Chère Mom, Chère Tout Toute, La Valse de Cherokee, Créole Stomp, FiFi Poncho, La Valse de Grand Bois, Grand Mamou, Hathaway Two-Step, J’étais au Bal, Jolie Blonde, Jolie Catin, Jolie Joues Roses, La Valse de Kaplan, and Lacassine Special.
  • Instructional Cajun Fiddle, Vol. I - A fun instructional video for Cajun fiddling. Not just any instructional video, this DVD contains four varieties of songs including a two-step, a waltz, a polka and a blues. Each song begins with a brief history of the song and a short description of a few of the nuances that make the song unique. Then each tune is presented in a high resolution, two-camera shoot. Tunes include Two-Step d’Eunice, The Old Milkcow is Dead, Blues de Nègre Français, Bluerunner
  • Fiddle from Scratch - This DVD will get you started as a Cajun & Creole fiddler. From fiddle and bow holds, to double stops and rhythmic bowing, plus note-for-note beginner breakdowns of Mon Vieux Wagon, Madame Sosthene, Johnny Peut Pas Dancer, Colinda, and Bee De La Manche.

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*NOTE: Mon Vieux Wagon is broken-down in standard tuning, and the other breakdowns in the series are tuned Cajun. See the BONUS video "Talk About Cajun Tuning" for details. 

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