Bigfoot Reel

Mar 30, 2016

That was a tune called “The Bigfoot Reel” and I wrote this tune after being chased out of the woods at my family camp right outside of Melville, Louisiana, by a Sasquatch or a Bigfoot. I didn’t really know what it was at the time and did some research and found out that’s what it was. So those of you all who know me know I’m a huge Bigfoot fan.

Yeah, it was kind of interesting how fiddle tied in with the whole thing because I was living with my mom and dad at the time. I was about 19, and I was trying practice late at night and my mother said, you know, “Go to bed! You’ve been playing the fiddle all day.” So I refused and I had my own car so I drove out to our family camp way deep in the woods by Melville, on the outskirts of the Atchafalaya Basin. I was practicing at our camp and there was something that was big and on two feet that kept walking around the camp, listening to me as I played the fiddle and kind of freaked me out. Of course, I thought it was a man at first, just spying and seeing what was going on and then I thought it was a ghost maybe. When I went outside to confront it, it ran around my camp, slapped the tin roof of the camp, which was about 20 feet high, and ran off into the woods. Well, that freaked me out so I got in my car, of course, packed up my fiddle, I think I left all the lights on though, locked the camp and got in the car and as I was leaving the property of the camp a humongous mud-ball hit the side of my car.

So this Sasquatch threw this huge mud-ball and it hit the side of my car. It sounded like a log fell on the side of my car, that’s how hard it hit, and scared me pretty bad. I drove all the way back to Lafayette, it was about an hour drive, and when I got home I got out of the car checked the side of the car and it was just this huge mud-ball explosion that launched by this Sasquatch.

So yeah! The whole event was pretty scary and exciting so I wrote this tune about it. So it’s called, I’ll play it again, it’s called “The Bigfoot Reel.” So it goes like this. 

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