Mitch Reed's 

Louisiana Fiddle 

Breakdown Series

The Carrière Brothers 

This collection pulls together some of the Carrière Brothers coolest tunes,
then breaks them down with lots of stylistic suggestions
to help you nail that elusive Creole sound.

The Carrière Brothers, steeped in rhythm and dripping with blues,
epitomized the sounds of Zydeco’s predecessor, Creole “La-La” music.

Though contemporary Zydeco has largely lost the fiddle as a primary instrument,
it was a key piece of the tiny but proud Creole community in Lawtell, Louisiana.

Tunes include: Bluerunner • Blues à Bébé • The Carrière Breakdown • La Robe à Parasol • Les Barres de la Prison • Madame Faille • 
  Plante dans la porte de ma maison • Ti Canaille • Zydeco de Carrière

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