Helping string players build
a repertoire
of traditional Cajun 
Creole tunes
at a fun and
relaxed pace


Imagine you’re playing tunes
your friends and
you aren't even thinking
about your fingers. 

The fear melts away as you find
 the confidence to join the fun.

Mitch Reed Music Lesson
Mitch Reed Music Lesson

Now picture yourself on
the bandstand. There’s
music in the air and the
dance floor is alive.

You take a deep breath and
it’s just you and the music.

Whether you’re a
novice player who has never
held an instrument
or a professional looking
to refine your sound,
you’re in the right place.

With Grammy Award-winning
Mitch Reed as your guide,
you'll gain all the tools and
confidence you need to
be a great musician.

This guy is the real deal. Great fiddle player with an awesome teaching style.

Scott D., Maine

Great stuff! Very inspiring.

Peter W., Netherlands

Without a doubt, the best fiddle teacher I have ever had!

Roger W., New York

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