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Whether you’re a novice player who has never held an instrument or a professional band looking to refine your sound, if you’re ready to start learning about Louisiana’s traditional Cajun and Creole music, you’re in the right place

Discover what sets Cajun and Creole music apart from the rest

Offering lessons in fiddle, acoustic or electric guitar, upright or electric bass, accordion, cello, mandolin, ukulele, percussion, and more

Make your time work for you

Group classes and workshops
Private coaching 
One-on-one music lessons
Online breakdowns
CDs & DVDs

Imagine you’re playing tunes with your friends.

You aren’t even thinking about your fingers. They dance across the strings, seemingly moving on their own while you take in the moment and the music.

Now picture yourself on the bandstand.

The dance floor is alive and your fear melts away as you’ve finally found the confidence to jump onstage at the jam session. A deep breath and it’s just you and the music.

Are you tired of missing out on these moments?

Are you frustrated or even embarrassed that you’re not making the progress you would like?

Are you spending more time and money than you need to reach your goals? 

MitchReedMusicLessons.com was made for players like you.

Stop spending your practice time searching for tunes and break open your case right now.

Watched all your videos now...great stuff! Very inspiring.

Peter W., Netherlands

This guy is the real deal. Great fiddle player with an awesome teaching style.

Scott D., Maine

Without a doubt, the best fiddle teacher I have ever had!

Roger W., New York

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