Finding Inspiration Everyday

Nov 19, 2019

Hi, I’m Mitch Reed. Welcome to my vlog. And today I’m playing fiddle music for the first snow that’s falling up here in Maine and it’s so beautiful and I’m up in my apartment. I’m looking out of my window. Wish I could show y’all! It’s really pretty. But yeah, just being inspired. I just got back from a fiddle camp called Fiddle Hell that’s held in Massachusetts in November and it’s really amazing. There’s like 500 students, about 200 teachers and you can about imagine how many classes, every kind of style of fiddle you want to study. I taught some Irish classes and some Cajun and Creole classes and got to jam with a bunch of really cool people. Jay and Molly Unger were there. Just a bunch of great players. So yeah, staying inspired, like I always say, ‘Stay inspired, keep on fiddlin' and that’s what I’m doing.

Sometimes it’s really nice, you know when you have your fiddle to just go somewhere where you have a really nice pretty view. You know, especially down in Louisiana, you have those. I love those thunderstorms that just spring out of nowhere. And that’s always fun, too, to play music to. But yeah, right now I’m looking out of my window and it’s snowing and I’m getting ready to head for work so I’m going to have to go clean my car, clean all the snow off my car. But anyway, I thought I would just share that little tune with y’all and I’m going to play one more.

Every day if you can get out your fiddle play at least a couple of tunes – that’s the most important thing. You don’t want to go a day without playing your fiddle unless you absolutely have to. But if you can, you know, leave your fiddle out, you know, hang it up and leave it out. And what I do too is I always watch a lot of YouTube videos of different fiddle players, not always Cajun and Creole, you know, I watch a lot of stuff. Irish stuff, old-timey, bluegrass, all that kind of stuff. So stay inspired. Keep on fiddling. I’m going to play one more. And this one’s called Lavasa Bello, and it’s an old Dennis McGee tune. It goes like this. [3:40]

Alright! Thank you so much for joining me today. Yeah, enjoy nature. Go out and fiddle outside and find yourself a pretty view. Louisiana’s got a bunch of beautiful places you can go fiddle. And so does Maine. I’m glad to be up here and there’s some beautiful trails that go way deep into the forest, not too far from my house. I’ve been exploring those a little bit. We go back there and bring me a craft beer, and sit out and look out at the scenery. Every day I go a little bit further. Haven’t seen any Big Foot tracks yet, but definitely on the lookout. Okay. Stay inspired and keep on fiddling. Thanks for joining me.

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