Happy Holidays!

Dec 21, 2017


Alright! Thank you so much. I wanted to send out a ‘Merry Christmas’ to all my subscribers and also the people who follow on my webpage and are members of my webpage. Thank you so much for your support. I hope everyone out there has an awesome and merry Christmas, happy holidays, and an awesome New Year! Stay inspired and keep on fiddlin’; that’s what it’s all about. I’m going to play some “Cajunized” Christmas songs, some waltzes. It goes like this. [02:30]

Alright! Thank you so much. Have an awesome Christmas! Thanks so much for all your support with MitchReedMusicLessons.com and Mitch Reed Music Lessons channel on YouTube. Thank you so much. Have an awesome holiday season. I’ll see y’all next year with more new, fresh information on Cajun and Creole music. Hopefully, with some new research that I’m digging into, and some new tunes to break down. Keep on fiddlin’, see you soon.

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