Intensives and Shout-Outs

Nov 14, 2017

[00:06] Hi, I'm Mitch Reed, and welcome to my vlog. And today I just wanted to talk a little bit about something I just did for the very first time. And it was a lot of fun and I thought it was pretty successful. What I did was I had an intensive at my house. So I basically said, "Hey, whoever wants to sign up for this, let me know. It's $300 and it goes from noon to six o'clock at night. I cook you a gumbo or rice and gravy, cook you some good Cajun food. We learn some tunes, break down some tunes, jam a little, hang out, you know, maybe walk around Scott, go have some boudin, show you kinda the scenes and the history of Scott. Come back, play some more, maybe even watch or talk about a few old players on YouTube.

It went really well. We had a good time. That tune I was just playing is called Madame Etienne, and it was written by Amédé Ardoin. And so that was one of the tunes that we did this past intensive. So yeah, if you're ever interested look up my page, it's mitchreedmusiclessons.com. It's a lot of fun. I'd love to have you come over. Scott is a great place. There's a lot of history here. It's a great little walking town where I live. I live in the old area of Scott, so I can walk out of my door and walk to the old post office, the library, the local bar, the coffee house. And I want to also send a shout-out to NuNus that took over. We used to have a great old grocery store called Early's and was sad to see that go.

But it got taken over by NuNus and they're doing a fantastic job. Got some new boudin in Scott and a fantastic beer selection by a good buddy of mine. So yeah, come check out Scott, come get a lesson with me, have an intensive with me, whatever you want to do. And or just, you know, look me up, we'll have a cup of coffee. So I'm going to end this one with a good one old-time tune. And I always think of Adam and Cyprien and Cheese Read when I think of this one. And it's just about having a little bit too much to drink and waking up the next morning and regretting it and just really having a dry mouth and needing a glass of lemonade. So it's called The Lemonade Song. [03:48]

All right. Thank you so much. Stay inspired, keep on fiddling. Check out my website mitchreedmusiclessons.com. If you want to learn some of these tunes, I break them down at an intermediate level and beginner level. Keep checking out my vlog and I'll keep making videos of what I think might be interesting. So thanks so much for joining me, have a great week, and I'll see you out there soon. Thank you so much.

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